Online Casino Blacklist

There are two vectors in any business: white and black. Businessmen who choose the first path work honestly. The second, in fact, is not entrepreneurs – these are ordinary scammers. The rule of two development vectors also applies to the gambling industry.

List of online casinos with a black reputation

Most people come to the casino for adrenaline and positive emotions. Of course, some lucky ones are lucky – the mistresses of Mrs. Fortune sometimes leave with a very substantial reward! True, most people lose, albeit not very large amounts. All sane people perfectly understand the true state of things.

But honest casinos are not a scam! The chances of winning the jackpot are slim, but real. Black slot clubs, on the contrary, will never let you get rich! In rare cases, the user is accrued a small gain, which is a bait that motivates a person to part with a larger amount.

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How dishonest casinos work: common fraud methods

In 90% of cases, gamblers are simply not paid a win. After registration, the application for withdrawal of funds freezes. Sometimes technical support, which in fact is not, depicts the appearance of a solution to a problem. As a result, the deceived user understands that he will not be able to wrest earned money from the hands of criminals, and leaves the site, left with nothing.

Tournaments and lotteries are a more creative way of taking money from honest players. The most common divorce scheme is shown below. The user looks in the standings and sees that, it turns out, he needs to make a couple of bets for a certain amount, after which a place in the top three will be provided! The player replenishes the deposit, and then a pair of opponents, who occupied the bottom lines in the table, suddenly overtakes him in the overall ranking.

A rating draw scheme is similar to a tournament. In principle, the user has a chance to win relatively little money, but the losses will be much more than the value of the received cash prize. The above schemes are used by illegal clones of Vulcan, a well-known Russian representative of the gambling entertainment industry.

Fake licenses

Fake casino sites almost always have license information. In addition, these data are published on the portals of legal gaming clubs. Pay attention to the name of the license aggregator. Take a look at the company’s website and see if it has anything to do with the casino. This is the only way to verify the license.

Licensed software

Game machine developers carry out their activities under a special license that guarantees software integrity. Control over the probability of making prize combinations on the reels of the video slot is excluded. The chances of winning depend only on the player’s luck.

The probability of return in licensed software is from 95% and higher. For example, from a million credits on a deposit after a long game there will be at least 950,000 left. Criminals online who lure money from gambling enthusiasts use illegal software with special scripts. In this case, there can be no question of any 95% return. Outwardly, fakes look like ordinary video slots, it is simply impossible to distinguish illegal and licensed software by eye.

Scam Insurance

Never play in unfamiliar casinos that you don’t know anything about. The recommendations of our experts will help you avoid fraudulent online resources:

  • check the club slot rating in our service and license;
  • pay attention to software;
  • read reviews of the selected casino;
  • Do not play obscure software;
  • Check the casino site for blacklisting.

Play video slots of famous developers – NetEnt, Microgaming, Igrosoft, Playtech, QuickSpin, Pragmatic Play and other large companies that have established themselves in the gambler community as reliable over the years. Do not take casino choices lightly. Spend 10-15 minutes checking information. Play only in legal casinos, and then gambling will bring you a lot of pleasure!