Roulette in online casino – the best gaming halls 2021

Few people do not know about roulette – one of the most famous gambling of our time, which was invented back in 1655. The world owes the great mathematics the appearance of this wonderful entertainment – Pascal Blaise investigated the theory of probability using the wheel of Fortune when he worked on the creation of a perpetual motion machine. Thanks to the development of online casinos, anyone can play roulette for free or for money, without leaving home.


What are the types of roulette and their differences

Novice gamblers are recommended to play without investing in the demo version. Learning the basics in practice is very simple. The playing field of the wheel of fortune is divided into sectors. In European roulette – the most common, 36 numbers are used. American and French versions of this game are also very popular. Gamblers are given the opportunity to bet on:

  • black and red;
  • even and odd number;
  • groups of two or more numbers;
  • one number;
  • a range of numbers, for example, from 1 to 18.

Рулетка Стол

Bets are placed on a special table marked out in the same way as a roulette wheel. The minimum win is x2. The maximum is x36. You can bet on black or red, even or odd number – in case of victory, the amount doubles. If a bet is placed on a specific number, then it acts as a multiplier. That is, betting on 30 and winning, the gambler will receive a bet increased by 30 times.

We recommend that you study the rules of roulette before you start playing for money. All of the above applies to its most popular variety – European. The American is practically no different from it except for the presence of special rules regarding player chips in the event of a drum stop at zero, and other situations. French roulette has a different markup; bets are placed in the appropriate language. The latter can be internal, external and oral when the player announces to the croupier his desire to play, calling the field color, one number or a group.

European roulette

French roulette

American roulette

Live dealers and mobile apps

How to play roulette in a casino without leaving home? This trick is easy to crank out thanks to live mode! The remote table is played by users from all over the world. Broadcasting is carried out from a real casino.

In Live mode, players place bets on their own. The croupier voices them before their final acceptance. Roulette is started manually. All participants who have made bets before the end of the spin follow the wheel of Fortune, hoping that their bet will play.

Some casinos provide the ability to download special software. Install the application on a mobile smartphone or tablet and play anywhere! The program provides all the necessary functionality that allows you to place bets and replenish your deposit online in a few seconds. Moreover, many modern games do not need to be downloaded and installed. Just open the game in a browser and enjoy your favorite entertainment with a convenient interface in the casino on your mobile. You can make both conditional bets and for real money. Roulette simulators with live croupiers are available on a mobile device running the Android or iOS operating system.

List of online roulette casinos

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Free game without croupier

Are you not ready to take risks by making real money bets, but want to get to know the invention of the great mathematician better? Play roulette without registration – almost all online casinos have such an opportunity! Select a virtual emulator on the game club website and launch the demo mode. The deposit will be replenished automatically or manually when the user presses the corresponding button.

Where to play roulette?

Our ranking includes leading casinos operating under an official state license. Almost all the clubs from the TOP casino rating provide the opportunity to play roulette for money. Choose the right online casino and try your luck in a gambling game that has existed for almost 400 years!