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Aztec Treasure Slot Machine

The Aztec Treasure slot machine immerses the gamer in the history of the Ancient civilization that lived in the vastness of Mexico many centuries ago. The patrimony of these ancient settlements was hard work and a belligerent mood. The Aztecs are famous for their cruelty and intransigence, as well as the presence of countless riches captured in campaigns. In this slot, the user will try to uncover the hidden secrets of this civilization, as well as try to find the innumerable treasures of the Aztecs, shrouded in mysticism.

Aztec Treasure slot – find the treasures of a forgotten civilization

The starting point of a user’s journey through an extraordinary world is the activation button for the Start machine. The gamer will meet the great leader of a forgotten tribe or god Chochipilli. The gaming slot itself boasts impressive functionality, excellent graphics and the following features:


  • 5 reels.
  • 9 paylines.
  • Free spins.
  • Doubling game.
  • Impressive payout ratios.

If we talk about the symbolism of the slot, then the most paid symbol is a pyramid of gold. If 5 of these images occur, your bet may increase by 9 thousand times. In addition, the gamer is encouraged by an x10 multiplier.

In addition to the above, the machine is equipped with additional images, which are also paid. When playing the Aztec Treasure slot in the Volcano Club, one can meet such symbols: a leader, his companion, an ancient mask, a jaguar, a frog, an eagle, corn, a pumpkin and a tomato.

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